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Yoga Direct 6-Feet Square Yoga Mat - onlinesportsmall

Yoga Direct 6-Feet Square Yoga Mat

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We designed our this mat to allow Yoga students to easily transition from one asana to the next without worrying about falling off the mat. Because the mat is a perfect 6ft x 6ft square, all parts of the body can easily remain on the mat at all times, making it ideal for outdoor practice, and its large size makes it a must-have for Partner and Acro Yoga classes.

  • Each mat measures 6ft x 6ft - a full square
  • Each mat is 1/4 thick
  • Textured, non-slip surface
  • Extremely durable and Completely latex free
  • The perfect mat for Partner and Acro Yoga

Product Specification

Colors Olive Green
Size 6-Feet
Dimension 72x72x0.25 inches
Weight 13.2 pounds